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My artistic work is characterized by the use of a contemporary iconosphere for transforming it into an entirely personal paintings in which logos and images are interspersed with everyday sayings and slogans, images of gender, and share a feminine writing which serve to develop a discourse influenced by the spaces and places where I developed my career.


In my paintings the canvas and the white cloth disappear, with supporting materials created in an industrial manner.  I sew materials together artificially, forming a kind of map on which I re-arrange what I have experienced and observed: my own vision. The delicacy of the fabrics is an important part of the work, the fact that they have different tactile qualities offers the initial way of conceiving the piece.


In my works, I decontextualize the recognizable image and vest it with a new value; I disassociate it from its source, so that it receives a different meaning arising from that idea of creating a new reality, and I make use of recognizable images in order that the spectator be the one who, from his / her own cognitive exercises, interprets each painting in an exclusive and personal manner. Projects in my works are spread among them all, and ideas do not emerge inadvertently, but rather, as work progresses, new findings arise which will be a new seed for the next chapter.  However, I follow the same methodology almost every time, as regards the pictorial process, in which I generate small stages on which images may begin to establish a dialogue in order to then allow the painting to lead the way.


Through recycling and fragmentation, I analyze the search for connections between objects that appear intentionally distant; in this way I take ownership of images that I recycle through messages that are widespread in the area of communication within a context doomed to simultaneous information channels. I extract images from the everyday banality of life to reference mass culture. Characters from comics, as those from mythology of the past, are our idols of today, references of our time which are the main characters of an era full of iconic mass media. My characters find themselves in a world in which self-perception is determined by movies and publicity, as hidden economic interests, instead of being determined by art or thinking. My intention and desire, from an attitude of irony, sarcasm and jeer, is to offer reflection on this absurdity rather than to contribute a releasing laughter.

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